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No matter how great your organization is, sometimes, it will happen. A customer will complain about something. After all, haven't you complained about something when you have been the customer? All companies should have a customer complaint process in place. This process should cover how you respond to and handle customer complaints. And you need to track your customer complaints using statistical process control (SPC).


To help you use SPC when tracking customer complaints, we now have a Microsoft Excel based package for only $69! This package helps answer these questions about customer complaints:


  • Which customers complain the most?
  • What causes customer complaints?
  • How often do we get customer complaints?
  • How quickly do we close customer complaints?
  • Are complaints increasing or decreasing?


This program is contained within a Microsoft Excel workbook called "Customer Complaint SPC Program." It is designed to give you maximum flexibility in customizing the data contained in the program. This flexibility allows you to download your customer complaint data into Excel and then run the analysis.

The program provides the following analysis:


  • Pareto diagrams on any columns of data (e.g., by customer name, error code, responsible department)
  • Control chart and histogram on the days to close customer complaints
  • Control charts and histograms on the number of complaints per week and per month
  • Open complaint report, sorted and subtotaled according to your direction


Plus, you can run all charts at once. Out of control points in the control charts are in red. You can easily change the class width or starting point for the histograms.


Data Input

The data are entered into the data worksheet. You can enter any information you want into the worksheet including customer name, customer location, person issuing the complaint, type of complaint, etc. You have maximum flexibility. There are only three required columns: log number (to uniquely identify the customer complaint), log date (date complaint was received) and date closed (date the complaint was closed).


Data Used in the Analysis

You have the option to select which customer complaints to include in the analysis based on the log date. For example, you can choose to include only those complaints from January 1, 2006 to today. The rest of the data will not be included in the analysis (Pareto diagrams, control charts, and histograms).


Pareto Diagrams

The program will develop a Pareto diagram on any column in the data worksheet. You select the columns for Pareto analysis on an options worksheet in the program. For example, suppose one column of data contains the reasons for customer complaints and you have selected that column for a Pareto analysis. When you select the Pareto option, a diagram like the one above will be generated. You have the option to add the % cumulative line. You can make as many Pareto diagrams as you want.


Days to Close

The program will determine the days to close a complaint and construct an individuals control chart based on the data included in the analysis. You also have the option to select the dates on which to base the control limits. An example of the days to close chart is shown below. In this case, the average and control limits are based on data from 1/1/2004 to 12/31/2004. The chart shows the improvement in the days to close a complaint during 2005. You also have the option to construct a histogram on the days to close a complaint. Out of control points appear in red!


Days to Close


Number of Complaints per Month or Week

The program allows you to track the number of complaints per month and per week in an individuals control chart format. The program will automatically determine the number of complaints per month and per week when the chart is made. An example for the number of complaints per month control chart is shown below. You have the option to construct a histogram based on the data.

Number of Complaints per Month



You have the option to generate a histogram for each of the control charts (days to close, number of complaints per week and number of complaints per month). An example of the histogram for the number per month is shown below.


Number per Month Histogram



Open Complaint Report

The program will generate a report of customer complaints that are still open and calculate the number of days the complaints have been open. You can select the information to include in the open complaint report. In addition, you can add options to sort and subtotal the data.

Open Complaint Report



Cost and Ordering Information

You can order the Customer Complaint SPC Program on-line for only $69. This program is available only for electronic delivery.

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