Measurement Systems Analysis and SPC for Excel

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Measurement Systems Analysis

Our SPC software, SPC for Excel, contains a Measurement Systems Analysis/Gage R&R component that determines if the measurement process is acceptable. It is based on the techniques outlined in Measurement Systems Analysis (AIAG), 4th edition, and Evaluating the Measurement Process (Wheeler and Lyday). The MSA/Gage R&R component is also available as a stand-alone product.

The SPC software contains the variable measurement techniques as well as the attribute measurement techniques. It includes the average and range method with all the charts highlighted in the AIAG manual on measurement systems analysis. The software also contains the ANOVA method for the variable measurement system. The range method for gage R&R is included as well, determining the bias and linearity of a measurement system. Finally, attribute gage R&R is included. The features in the software are shown below.

For more information on variable measurement systems analysis, please see our four part newsletter series from September - December 2007.


MSA Features

  • Average and Range Method to generate the classical gage R&R report with the following chart options:
    • Averages charts - stacked and unstacked
    • Range charts - stacked and unstacked run chart by part
    • Scatter plots
    • Whiskers charts
    • Error charts
    • Normalized histograms
    • X-Y Plots
    • Range charts for each operator
    • Operator bias chart
    • Operator consistency chart
    • Up to 25 operators
    • Up to 20 parts
    • Up to 20 trials
    • Option to base results on:
      • Tolerance
      • Total variation of parts in the study
      • Known standard deviation
  • ANOVA Method that includes:
    • ANOVA table
    • Residuals plot
    • ANOVA gage R&R report
  • Range Method for gage R&R
  • Bias Method - Independent Sample Method
  • Bias Method - Control Chart Method (checks Stability also)
  • Linearity Method
  • Attribute Gage R&R that includes:
    • Effectiveness table (attribute gage R&R report)
    • Cross-tabulations
    • Kappa values


SPC for Excel

Our SPC software, SPC for Excel, provides an easy way to perform statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel. This SPC software is very cost effective and user-friendly.

At the same time, it is a very powerful statistical package that meets the needs of most professionals - green belts, black belts, quality professionals, quality assurance, front-line personnel, supervisors, quality control, controllers, engineers, and laboratory personnel - anyone who wants to improve their data analysis.


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Overview of SPC for Excel

At only $219 for a single user, SPC for Excel is an attractive alternative for many organizations. It is the perfect tool to use for statistical analysis, process improvement, problem solving and statistical training. Our SPC software is used internationally in over 60 countries. You also receive regular revisions to your version with no maintenance fees!  And we have great discounts for multiple users!

The software includes control charts, Pareto diagrams, histograms, scatter diagrams, fishbone diagrams, process capability analysis, measurement systems analysis, regression, experimental design, hyptoheses testing, nonparametric analysis and much more.    The software works with Excel 2000 through Excel 2010.

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