Multiple Linear Regression and SPC for Excel

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Regression Summary


Our regression software, SPC for Excel, performs multiple linear regression. A small portion of the output is shown above. More examples of the output are given below. Multiple linear regression allows you to examine what independent variables (x) impact a response variable (y) and by how much. The output includes an in-depth analysis of residuals with potential outliers in red as well as multiple charts to analyze the results. You can easily remove independent variables as well as observations from the data and rerun the regression. You can also transform the y variables. A complete list of regression features is given below.


Multiple Linear Regression Features

  • ANOVA for Model
  • Variables Output
    • Coefficients
    • Standard error
    • t statistic, p value
    • 95% confidence limit
    • VIF
    • Standardized coefficients
  • Regression statistics
    • R
    • R square
    • Adjusted R square
    • Mean, standard error
    • Coefficient of variation
    • Durbin-Watson statistic
    • PRESS
    • R square prediction
  • Residuals analysis
    • Residuals
    • Leverage
    • Standardized residuals
    • Internally studentized residuals
    • Externally studentized residuals
    • DFFITS
    • Cook's distance
    • Standard error of estimated mean
    • 95% confidence limits of estimate means
    • Potential outliers in red
  • Residuals charts (raw, standardized, internally or externally studentized residuals)
    • Normal plot
    • Versus predicted values
    • Versus observation number
    • Versus predictor variables
  • Other charts
    • Predicted vs actual
    • DFFITS, Cook's distance and leverage versus observation number
  • Remove variables
  • Remove observations
  • Transform y variables
  • p values < 0.05 in red


Other Regression Output

Regression Statistics

Regression Statistics


Partial Output of Residual Analysis Worksheet

Regression Residuals


Normal Plot of Residuals

Normal Residuals


Externally Studentized Residuals versus Observation Number

External Residuals


SPC for Excel

Our SPC software, SPC for Excel, provides an easy way to perform statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel. This SPC software is very cost effective and user-friendly.

At the same time, it is a very powerful statistical package that meets the needs of most professionals - green belts, black belts, quality professionals, quality assurance, front-line personnel, supervisors, quality control, controllers, engineers, and laboratory personnel - anyone who wants to improve their data analysis.


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Overview of SPC for Excel

At only $219 for a single user, SPC for Excel is an attractive alternative for many organizations. It is the perfect tool to use for statistical analysis, process improvement, problem solving and statistical training. Our SPC software is used internationally in over 60 countries. You also receive regular revisions to your version with no maintenance fees!  And we have great discounts for multiple users!

The software includes control charts, Pareto diagrams, histograms, scatter diagrams, fishbone diagrams, process capability analysis, measurement systems analysis, regression, experimental design, hyptoheses testing, nonparametric analysis and much more.    The software works with Excel 2000 through Excel 2010.

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