SPC for Excel - Simple, Powerful Software for Lean Six SigmaPareto chart, histograms, control charts, process capability, MSA, ANOVA, DOE and much moreFrom the novice to the green belt to the black belt – all the statistical tools you need for process improvementUsed by companies, non-profit organizations and colleges throughout the world

BPI Consulting, LLC helps organizations simplify their statistical analysis around the world. Our SPC Software, SPC for Excel, is used to chart data, gain insights, spot trends, solve problems, and improve processes. Our training courses are designed to give you the people skills and statistical techniques you need to make Lean, Six Sigma, and Process Improvement a reality in your organizations. We also offer training material for you to use to teach others about process improvement. Our on-site consulting is designed to help you implement process improvement. Our SPC Knowledge Base has a wealth of free knowledge about statistics, with a focus on statistical process control (SPC).

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SPC for Excel Software

  • SPC Software for PCs and Macs
  • Easy-to-use, cost effective, yet powerful
  • Quickly create charts or perform data analysis
  • Used by thousands of companies and universities world-wide
  • $269 for a single user (perpetual license),  discounts for multiple users
  • Control charts,  process capability, Pareto diagrams, histograms, experimental design, regression,  measurements systems analysis, ANOVA and much more


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SPC Training

  • On-site training in using statistical process control (SPC) to improve processes
  • On-site training in our process capability improvement methodology that uses your own process data from supplier through final product
  • Or - you teach using  customizable, teaching guides for statistical process control (SPC)


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SPC Consulting

  • On-site process analysis to determine opportunities for process improvement - and improved bottom line results
  • Customized development of methodology  to effectively use statistical techniques for process improvement within the organization
  • Ongoing support to ensure the methodology is successful


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SPC Knowledge Base - Newsletters and Articles

SPC for Excel

SPC Knowledge Base

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