• Man looking at computerMy customer wants to know my process capability, Cpk.


  • My boss needs the process capability for the monthly report.


  • I would like to track all my processes Cpk values.



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From Our Satisfied Customers

"My colleague was frustrated by MiniTab.  MiniTab can be a little 'heavy.'  He was trying to do some capability analysis on mechanical properties.  He is a smart guy with a PhD in metallurgy.  I showed him SPC for Excel and he liked the simplicity and ease of use.  He sat in my office with his laptop, paid for and downloaded the software.  He left my office a happy man."

David Hawkins
Quality Coordinator


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About Process Capability and SPC for Excel

We know how important it is to meet customer specifications.  That's why we've put so much effort into developing the Process Capability features of our SPC for Excel software.  We've included process capability features that any quality professional in today's market will need in a software package that won't break the bank.

SPC for Excel also contains non-normal process capability analysis.

Process Capability Key Features

Within Process Capability (Based on Estimated Sigma)

  • Cp, Cpk, Cpu, Cpl
  • Estimated Sigma (from range or standard deviation chart)
  • PPM > USL
  • PPM < LSL
  • Total PPM out of specification
  • Sigma level

Overall Process Capability (Based on Calculated Sigma)

  • Pp, Ppk, Ppu, Ppl
  • Calculated Sigma
  • PPM > USL
  • PPM < LSL
  • Total PPM out of specification
  • Sigma level

Output and Options

  • Histogram with normal curve
  • Average and number of data points
  • Actual number out of spec
  • Plots LSL and USL
  • Handles one-sided specifications
  • Option to plot nominal and/or average
  • Option to add +/- 3 sigma lines
  • Shade/unshade histogram option
  • Remove outliers option
  • Multiple Cpk charts at once
  • Add target to calculate Cpm
  • Change number of bars on histogram
  • Easily update with new data
  • Add dates of data collection
  • Transform data with Box-Cox or Johnson transformations
  • Process capability table to summarize all process capability charts in a workbook