measure diameter of opening pictureDo you have some questions about your measurement system?

  • How much of your variation is due to the measurement system repeatability?
  • Do different operators have the same repeatability?
  • How much of your variation is due to the reproducibility?
  • Does bias exsits between the operators?
  • Is the measurement system a first, second, third or fourth class monitor?
  • How much of a reduction in a process signal does the measurement system cause?
  • What ability does the measurement system have to track process improvements?
  • Is the measurement increment correct?

The Gage R&R analysis in the SPC for Exel software contains the methodology for analyzing a Gage R&R study outlined by Dr. Donald Wheeler in his book Evaluating the Measurement System.  This methodology answers all these questions and more.  The video below shows in detail how to setup a Gage R&R study and analyze using the EMP methodology in the software.

Join the thousands getting insights to their measurement system performance by using SPC for Excel!


For more information on the other techniques included in the measurement systems analysis/Gage R&R portion of the SPC for Excel, click here.  These other options include the ANOVA method, average and range method, destructive (nested) Gage R&R, linearity, bias, and attribute Gage R&R.