Below is a list of videos demonstrating how to use our SPC software, SPC for Excel. These videos are for Version 4.  Version 5 videos are being developed, but the general procedure is the same for both versions.  Click on any one to view the video. The videos were made using Excel 2000, so the SPC toolbar in your version of Excel may look slightly different, particularly for 2007 and later versions of Excel. 

Bar Charts

Pareto Diagrams


Control Charts

p Control Charts

np Control Charts

c Control Charts

Xbar-R and Xbar-s Control Charts

X-mR (Individuals) Control Charts

Table X-mR

Control Chart Options (split limits, remove points, etc)

Process Capability

Process Capability Analysis

Multiple Process Capability Charts

Analysis Tools

Scatter Diagrams

Cause and Effect (Fishbone) Diagrams

Waterfall Charts

Measurement Systems Analysis

Average and Range Method (Gage R&R)

ANOVA Gage R&R Method

Range Method (Gage R&R), Bias, and Linearity

Attribute Gage R&R


Setting up an ANOVA Design

Crossed Design with Fixed Factors ANOVA

Comparing Treatment Means and Variances (Fixed Factors)

Nested Design with Random Factors ANOVA

Regression, ANOVA and Experimental Design

Multiple Linear Regression

Setting Up Two Level Experimental Designs

Analyzing Two Level Experimental Designs

Statistical Analysis Tools

One Sample z and t Tests for a Mean and One Sample Test for Variance

Two Sample z and t Test for Difference in Means

One and Two Sample Proportion Tests

Multiple Sample Tests for Difference in Means and Equality of Variances

Analysis of Means

Box and Whisker Plots

Other Cause and Effect Techniques (correlation coefficients, FMEA, plot multiple y against one x, scatter plot matrix)

Normal Probability Plot with Anderson-Darling Statistic

Distributions (3 Discrete and 6 Continuous)

Chi Square Tests (Goodness of Fit & Association)

Nonparametric Tests


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