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Below is feedback from some our SPC for Excel customers!  Many of our program enhancements have come from suggestions from our great customers!

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"SPC for Excel is an exceptional tool for the presentation and analysis of data. This valuable tool is quick, easy and intuitive for the statistical beginner to the most advanced user. This version is another example of the Voice of the Customer at work. The improved charting capabilities along with the inclusion of shortcuts to make presenting and reporting the data easier takes SPC for Excel to a higher level. Just type the data into Excel, the program can coach users in the proper formatting and selection of charts. As a Six Sigma Black Belt I have used this great tool to support the completion of numerous projects. It is versatile as well as highly capable. This version has phenomenal enhancements that will make stronger analytical tools available to anyone with Excel."

-Walt Wilson, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt


"Would you believe it that today is the day that we go for our ISO 9000:2001 certification audit and the process capability charts I generated using your program actually saved the day for me? From the moment I downloaded your program, I only stop churning out the charts for quick bites and the short sleep that I needed. I generated the Cpk charts for all the lab test results for all the resin properties such as K-value, Apparent Density, Particle Size, Moisture, Plasticizer Absorption, Color, Heat Stability, etc. The lead auditor was very impressed with the charts and the analyses and the conclusion we deduced from them."

-Akbar Md. Thayoob, Phu My Plastics & Chemicals Co., Vietnam



I recently purchased BPI Gage R&R and am extraordinarily pleased with it. I have been tasked with resuscitating our MSA program here and had thought that our gage management software's GR&R feature would do the trick. I was concerned when an auditor pointed out some questionable math in software and imagine my shock when a rep from the software vendor told me it was fine! Re-running past studies through your Excel add-in software gave me the results based on math from Measurement Systems Analysis from AIAG.... results that differed from the other software. These results are the true reflection of our systems and I am pleased with the ease-of-use your software provides. Thank you again for a great product.

-Kevin Woolsey, Quality Supervisor



“This is very cool! Once again you have outdone yourself. I like the way it automatically names the tab now. The export buttons to PowerPoint and Word are great! And at last, an easy way to add a target to the chart. Plus, the option to construct the X chart only is super.”

- Randy Davis, Mayer Electric Company



“With this SPC program, I can chart almost all aspects of my operation from shop floor quality to service level performance. I can easily spot trends, identify special cause situations and evaluate how process changes affect operations. Since I started using this program, our company has achieved improved performance levels in all areas charted.”


- Larry James, Operations Manager, Stanley Works



“I personally use SPC for Excel to analyze key aspects of sales, marketing, and customer service performance for my clients and in my sales process research. Bill’s program is easy to use and the price makes it a non-issue.”

- Paul Selden, Ph.D., CQE, author of the best selling book Sales Process Engineering, and founder of the Customer Relationship Management Association



"I have personally used SPC for Excel for over five years. It is an absolutely fantastic tool to help bring SPC methods and measurement principles to the workplace. With this software, we have been able to remove much of the drudgery of SPC. It has made a difference for us and will continue to do so as more of our associates are introduced to SPC the smart way."

- Keith Bennett, Mayer Electric Supply


"Our organization has made a commitment to process measurement as a key business tool. SPC for Excel allows us to effectively take SPC to all levels of the organization with its flexibility and ease of use. We value the view of process performance that the program provides."

- Carol L. Marks, C.P.M., Director of Purchasing, Industrial Distribution Group



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