SC for Excel LogoVersion 6 of our SPC for Excel software is now available!  The new techniques and features in Version 6 are given below.

New in Version 6

Measurement Systems Analysis

  • EMP Consistency Study with detailed or summary report
  • EMP Short Study with detailed or summary report
  • Upgraded the following to include details or summary report:
    • EMP Basic Study
    • ANOVA Method - Crossed Gage R&R
    • Average/Range Method – Crossed Gage R&R
    • ANOVA Method – Nested Gage R&R
  • Type 1 Gage Study with summary report
  • Upgraded Linearity and Bias Study

Control Charts

  • Laney P' Chart
  • Laney U' Chart
  • Table X Chart- makes multiple X charts at once
  • Individuals chart using median X and/or median moving range
  • Option to label out of control point with the reason


  • ANOM (analysis of means) now includes ANOR (analysis of ranges)
  • ANOX (analysis of individual values)
  • Random number generator

New Builds

  • Owning Version 6 ensures you continue to get free new builds over the life of Version 6.  These are free of charge and often include new techniques and enhancements.  Some of the new builds throughout the life of Version 5 included:
    • Enhanced histogram technique by the option to label the class each class (bar) with the number of data points in the class, the % of points in each class or both the number and percent in each class
    • Entering the name of the chart automatically changes the default chart title that the chart name
    • Add target and specifications to Levey-Jennings chart
    • Added coefficient of variation and quartiles to descriptive statistics
    • Added the option to run the full regression following stepwise regression
    • Simplified the hypothesis testing forms and added chart showing relationship of confidence intervals to hypothesized statistics to help with interpretation; also a data plot to look for outliers; completed 
    • Also added ability to call update routines from outside the program using VBA code
    • Added ability to add a warning limit on the R or S chart when done alone. For duplicate sample testing in MSA.
    • Added both normal curves – one based on estimated sigma and other based on calculated sigma for Cpk
    • Added confidence limits for Cp, Cpk, Ppk, and Ppk
    • Added historical average and sigma entry
    • Option to select which Cpk values print on the chart
    • If Cpk chart is linked to control chart, points removed on control chart are removed from Cpk analysis
    • Added minimum and maximum  to Cpk statistics

Note: Version 6 requires PC versions of Excel 2007 or later including Office 365 and Excel 2016 for the Mac.  

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