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Control Charts

With Control Charts in SPC for Excel You Can:

See What Control Charts in SPC for Excel Can Do!

Why Use Control Charts in SPC for Excel?

Our goal has been to create a control chart software package that gives you all the options you need to determine if your process is in statistical control, and to improve and manage your processes.

Love that there are a full range of control charts in there – and it is simple to use. This was the reason I wanted our organization to purchase your product – cost effective, useful and easy to use. I also love the website which is full of useful information especially relating to when and how to use a control chart – and you include examples from healthcare! This is often so hard to find – and healthcare is such a different industry than say, manufacturing, sometimes it is hard to see where a control chart may assist in quality improvement and monitoring.
Sara M.

Join Those in Over 80 Countries Using SPC for Excel! 30+ Control Charts in SPC for Excel

Subgroup Averages



Time Weighted



SPC for Excel is more than just control charts. Over the years, we have added many additional tools making our software a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their data analysis.

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