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Videos – Statistical Analysis

Looking for information to learn or to teach? Check out our numerous free and easy to follow videos on a variety of SPC and Statistical Analysis Topics.

SPC Insights with Dr Bill

Learn valuable SPC and statistical analysis insights and lessons from Dr. Bill in a new and fun way.  Dr. Bill is the creator of the SPC for Excel software package.  He is also co-author of the book Statistical Methods for the Process Industries. He has successfully been involved in all aspects of statistical analysis and process improvement for decades.

Or go straight to one of the popular videos Control Chart Interpretation.
This video looks at what control charts are telling you about your processes. You will learn how to apply 7 simple tests to determine if your process is out of control.

Learn with SPC for Excel

Cpk vs Ppk: Who Wins?

Is one of the more popular videos.

This video on process capability takes a look at two common process capability indexes – Cpk and Ppk – and looks at which one is better.

Check out the playlist focused on teaching SPC and statistical analysis topics with links to 220+ free articles
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