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SPC for Excel Software

Simplified Statistical Analysis


SPC for Excel Software simplifies statistical charting and analysis.

Our SPC software helps you identify problem areas, gain insights to your data, spot trends, solve problems and improve processes all in the familiar environment of Excel. Whether you are a seasoned Black Belt or a novice, interested in Lean Six Sigma or process improvements, this software is for you.

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SPC for Excel - Simple but Powerful!

The perfect tool for statistical analysis and process improvement. See how easy it is to perform statistical charting and analysis in the familiar environment of Excel. SPC is helping companies and organizations worldwide improve processes by listening to their data.

Why Should I Select SPC for Excel Over Other SPC Software?


Customer Stories

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SPC for Excel Software - Easily Create Charts

1) Enter your Data

2) Select your option from the SPC for Excel ribbon

3) SPC for Excel creates the chart & statistics


Statistical Tools Included in SPC for Excel

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