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Gage R&R Analysis/Measurement Systems Analysis

Do You Need a Gage R&R or MSA Analysis?

The Gage R&R analysis in the SPC for Excel software answers these questions and much more!

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Why Use MSA/Gage R&R Analysis in SPC for Excel?

We understand how important it is to have measurement systems that are accurate and precise – measurement systems you can trust. SPC for Excel’s Gage R&R analysis helps you know exactly what your measurement system is capable of – and what it is not capable of. There are 10 techniques included:

I recently purchased Gage R&R and am extraordinarily pleased with it. I have been tasked with resuscitating our MSA program here and had thought that our gage management software's GR&R feature would do the trick. I was concerned when an auditor pointed out some questionable math in software. Re-running past studies through your Excel add-in software gave me the results based on math from Measurement Systems Analysis from AIAG... results that differed from the other software. These results are the true reflection of our systems and I am pleased with the ease-of-use your software provides. Thank you again for a great product."
Kevin Woolsey
Quality Supervisor

Join the thousands of organizations getting insights to their measurement system performance by using SPC for Excel!

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