Pareto Diagrams

Pareto diagramOur SPC software, SPC for Excel,  easily creates Pareto diagrams - a great visual way to separate the vital few from the trivial many.  There are three Pareto options:

  • Frequency - totals the frequency of occurrence by category (e.g., number of returns by product)
  • Defect - totals reasons for defects (e.g., reasons for customer returns)
  • Variables - totals frequency for categories for different levels of a variable (e.g, defects by shift)

For more information on Pareto diagrams, please see our June 2004 newsletter on Pareto diagrams. If you need to teach Pareto diagrams, we offer a complete teaching guide for Pareto diagrams.

Watch a Video Highlighting How to Make a Frequency Pareto Diagram

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Pareto Diagram Features

  • New data easily added
  • Data can be in rows or columns
  • Turn cumulative line on or off
  • Option to create other category for frequencies below a certain value
  • Add dates of data collection
  • Format changes maintained when Pareto diagram is updated

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