spc for excel logoOur SPC for Excel software has many options to support our 25+ control charts.  Click here to view a video on control charts in SPC for Excel.  

  • Control Charts
    • Easily update charts with new data
    • Split control limits
    • Remove a point from the calculations
    • Add comments to a point
    • Delete all points beyond the control limits from the calculations
    • Handles varying subgroup sizes
    • Add target
    • Option to check for trends
    • Show last k data points
    • Allow values less than 0
    • Add dates of data collection
    • Maintains format changes when chart is updated with new data
    • Move chart anyplace within the workbook
  • Out of Control Tests
    • Select which tests to use
      • Points beyond the control limits, zone tests, trend up or down, mixture, stratification
    • Select number of points required for an out of control signal
    • Save options for future charts
    • Out of control points in red
  • Average and Control Limits
    • Option to change the +/- 3 sigma limits to another value
    • Option to estimate sigma from Rbar, sbar or pooled variance for subgroup averages chart
    • Manually add average and sigma to use in calculations
    • Manually add  control limits
    • Lock the average and control limits
    • Print average and limits on chart or in title
    • Control rounding of average and limits on chart
    • Select range to base control limits on
  • Data Transformation
    • Perform Box-Cox transformation on data
  • Process Capability
    • Link process capability analysis to the control chart

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