Control Chart Options

Our SPC for Excel software has many options and actions supporting the 30+ control charts.  No matter if you need a quick and simple control chart or an elaborate analysis, the control charts in SPC for Excel have you covered. See how easy it is to make charts, add and update, choose options and actions in the familiar environment of Excel.

All of These Quick yet Powerful Options/Actions:

bullet icon Control Charts

Easily update charts with new data

Split control limits

Remove a point from the calculations

Add comments to a point

Delete all points beyond the control limits from the calculations

Handles varying subgroup sizes

Add target

Option to check for trends

Show last k data points

Don't allow values less than 0

Add dates of data collection

Maintains format changes when chart is updated with new data

Move chart anyplace within the workbook

bullet icon Out of Control Tests

Select which tests to use

Points beyond the control limits, zone tests, trend up or down, mixture, stratification, overcontrol

Select number of points required for an out of control signal

Save options for future charts

Out of control points in red

Option to plot 1 and 2 sigma lines

Option to label out of control points with reason for being out of control

bullet icon Average and Control Limits

Option to change the +/- 3 sigma limits to another value

Option to estimate sigma from Rs, or pooled variance for subgroup averages chart

Manually add average and sigma to use in calculations

Manually add control limits

Lock the average and control limits

Print average and limits on chart or in title

Control rounding of average and limits on chart

Select range to base control limits on

With individuals charts, the option to use the median instead of the average (for moving range as well)

With the individuals chart, the option to add the specifications to the chart

bullet icon Data Transformation

Perform Box-Cox transformation on data

bullet icon Process Capability

Link process capability analysis to the control chart

Join the Thousands of Organizations improving Processes Using Control Charts in the SPC for Excel