Running the ANOVA Help

spc logoOnce the results have been entered into the worksheet, follow the steps below to generate the ANOVA output.

1. Select the worksheet containing the ANOVA results.

2. Select “ANOVA” in the “Analysis” panel in the SPC for Excel ribbon.  

3.  The ANOVA output options form is shown.  There are seven options always available and one additional option if all the factors are fixed. 

anova output options

  • Variability Chart: this chart plots the treatment results versus the factor settings; there are options to plot the treatment averages and the overall average
  • Residuals Analysis: this option generates a table of various residuals as well as charts; useful for finding outliers
  • Xbar-s Control Chart: this option generates an Xbar-s control chart based on the treatments
  • Xbar-R Control Chart: this option generates an Xbar-R control chart based on the treatments
  • Compare Means and Variances (Fixed Factors Only): this option allow you to compare treatment means and variances to determine if there are any difference; click here for more information on this option
  • Display Components of Variance and Expected Mean Squares: this option will calculate the components of variance for all factors, show the expected mean squares, and graph the % variance by component.  Note that this normally used for random factors only, although the program will show the results for fixed factors as well
  • Display F Calculation Information: this option will show how the F value is calculated for each term; it includes the mean square error as well as the degrees of freedom for the error term used in the mean square calculation.
  • Control Chart Rollup: this option is very useful for nested designs; it builds a control chart for each level in the design.

4. Select the options you want and select OK.  The program will generate the ANOVA output.

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