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Analysis of Individual Values (ANOX) Help

The analysis of individual values is a test to determine if the data are homogeneous. For example, you might run this analysis to determine if you baseline data for a control chart is homogeneous. The analysis can handle up to 480 points and is based on the article “ANOX: The Analysis of Individual Values” by Donald J. Wheeler and James Beagle III published in Quality Digest.

The example involves 48 senors simultaneously exposed to a current. The current through each senor was measured. The readings were tested for homogeneity at 10% alpha level. The data used can be downloaded at this link.

The center line is the average of the X values. The ANOX limits are determined the following:

Average +/- ANOXa(Averge Moving Range)

Any X values beyond the ANOX limits are in red.

You can update this chart or change the options for the chart by going to the Updating/Options panel on the SPC for Excel ribbon.

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