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Average and Range Method Gage R&R Help

This help page shows how to setup and run the Average and Range method Gage R&R for a crossed design. This is the design where multiple operators repeatably measure multiple parts. The data used in this example can be downloaded at this link.

There are six additional charts that can be created. These are shown in the input form above. There is also the sigma multiplier – the value that standard deviation is multiplied by. The default value is 6. This captures 99.73% of the data. 5.15 is sometimes used. This value captures 99% of the data. You also have an option for detailed report or a summary report, both displayed on single worksheet. The detailed report contains all the charts, calculations and explanation of results. The summary report contains the charts. You also have the option to include a data table in the report. Select OK to generate the report in the workbook. Any charts selected are placed on a separate worksheet.

Select OK to generate the report in the workbook.

Please see the link above for more information on the output.

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