Cause and Effect Diagram (Fishbone) Help

spc logoA cause and effect diagram is used to show the relationship between an effect and numerous causes.  This page shows how to create a cause and effect diagram (or fishbone diagram).

  • Select “Fishbone” from the “Cause and Effect” panel on the SPC for Excel ribbon.
  • A blank fishbone diagram is inserted into a new worksheet.  You may change the default headings that are in the worksheet.

Blank Fishbone

  • Enter the problem or goal at the head of the fishbone.
  • There are two buttons: Add Item and Add Sub Items
  • Selecting either one produces the following input screen (the sub item input will say “Enter sub item”)

New Item

  • Enter the cause.  For example, you might enter “Calibration Not Done” as new item.  Select OK.  The entry appears as a text box and is selected.  Drag the entry to where you want it on the cause and effect diagram (e.g., to Measurement.)

Calibration Not Done

  • For a sub item, select Add Sub Item and enter the cause (e.g., Not Trained).   A sub item is placed in a text box that is at a diagonal.  Drag the sub item below the item it belongs to.

Not Trained Sub Item

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