Resize Charts to Fit Screen Help

help logWhen one or multiple control charts are created on a worksheet, they are sized to fit the active window.   Below is an example of an Xbar-R chart.  The two chart fill the active window.

Original Chart

Sometimes you will get a workbook with a control chart from someone else whose active window size when the chart was made is different from yours.  For example, maybe their active window is 75% the size of yours.  The control charts might look like this when you open the workbook.

Smaller charts

You can re-size these charts by doing the following:

1. Select one of the charts

2. Select “Actions” in the “Control Charts” panel on the SPC for Excel ribbon to display the Control Chart Actions form.  

3. Select the “Resize charts to fit screen” option.

4. Select OK on the “Control Chart Actions” form.  The charts are re-sized to fit the window as shown below.



  • Since the software maintains the chart formatting, the points, fonts, etc. on the chart may appear smaller when the control charts are resized.

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