Make Subgroups From Single Column Help

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The software has the option to make subgroups from a single column of numbers. This page explains how to do this using the data thatcan be downloaded at this link.

1. Enter the data into a single column shown below. The data are under the “X” column. The “Sample ID” column is optional (see below).

Data Entry

2. Select the data you want to make into subgroups (the data only, not any sample identifier).

3. Select “Actions” in the “Control Charts” panel on the SPC for Excel ribbon to display the Control Chart Actions form.

4. Select the ”Make subgroups from single column” option.

5. Select OK on the “Control Chart Actions” form. The input screen below is shown.

Input Screen

  • Data: worksheet range containing the data; default is the range selected on the worksheet
  • Subgroup Identifiers: worksheet range containing the subgroup identifiers (optional)
  • Enter the subgroup size, not to exceed 100: This is the subgroup size you want from 2 to 100
  • Output Options:
    • First cell of output range on a worksheet: enter the cell location on the worksheet where you want the subgroups formed
    • New worksheet: select this option to put the subgroups on a new worksheet

6. Select OK. The subgroups will be generated and placed based on your output option. The figure below shows part of the output to a new worksheet using a subgroup size of 5. The X1, X2, etc are the values in the subgroup.



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