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Multiple Histograms Help

The Multiple Histogram generates multiple Basic Histograms. Each of histograms can be easily be updated with new data. This page shows you how to make Multiple Histograms. The data can be downloaded at this link. This page contains the following:

Data Entry

The data are entered into a worksheet as shown below (using part of the data from the example workbook). The data does not have to start in A1. It can be anywhere on the spreadsheet. The following is required of the data:

Creating the Multiple Histograms

The completed chart for the three histograms on the same worksheet is shown below (the specifications and nominal were not added).

Options for the Multiple Histograms

On the input screen for the Multiple Histograms is the button labeled “Show Options”. If you select that button, the input screen will show the options for the Multiple Histograms. Each option is described below. It is not required to select any of these options.

Descriptive Statistics

This option is the same as for the Basic Histogram.

Titles, Rounding, Dates

This option is the same as for the Basic Histogram.

Specs, Nominal, Normal Curve

If you select this option, the input screen below is displayed.

Options after Multiple Histograms are Made

After the multiple histograms are made, each individual histogram is treated as a Basic Histogram. See the Basic Histogram help page for the following:

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