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Waterfall Charts Help

A waterfall chart shows how the initial value of a variable increases or decreases to a final value based on a series of intermediate values that impact that variable. For example, the table below shows that the sales for a company at the end of 2007 was 7.98 million dollars. During 2008, Products A – H either increased in sales (positive number) or decreased in sales (negative number). These increases and decreases lead to the final sales in 2008. A waterfall chart is a picture of this. The example is based on the sales situation described above.

Waterfall Chart Output

The output for the data in this example is shown below.

The starting and ending points are in blue. The positive increases to sales are in green. The negative increases are in red. The actual numerical value is included above the data point.

The waterfall chart can be updated with new data. Select the “Update Charts” on the “Updating/Options” panel on the SPC for Excel Ribbon. Select the chart you want to update. All charts in the workbook are listed. You have select multiple charts at the same time to update.

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