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A side by side histogram is used to compare results. For example, you may have done a survey where respondents gave a rating between 0 and 100 for a product. You want to visually compare the responses by males and by females. An example of a side by side histogram is shown above. The steps in constructing a side by side histogram are given below.

1. Enter the data into a worksheet. The data can be downloaded at this link. You have two options for entering the data.

Option 1: The data are already summarized by groups. In this example, you have grouped the items based on ratings in sizes of 10 as shown below.

Data Entry

Option 2: The raw data are listed in columns based on how you want to view the data (in this case, male and female) as shown below.

Data Entry

2. Select all the data in the table above including the headings.

3. Select “Misc. Tools” from the “Statistical Tools” panel on the SPC for Excel ribbon.

4. Select the “Side-by-Side Histogram” option and then OK.

Input Screen

  • Data Range: enter the range containing data; the default value is the range selected on the worksheet.
  • Data: there are the two options for data setup as shown above; select the one you are using:
    • Totaled by Class Already: the data have already be summed by class.
    • Not Totaled: the data have not been totaled.
  • Lower Bound >: this value gives the starting point for the histogram; for example, if you enter 0 here, the first class will involve values greater than 0 to the class width.
  • Class Width =: this is the width of one class.
  • Histogram Title: enter the title that will appear on the chart; the default title is “Histogram.”
  • Y-Axis (Vertical Label): enter the label for the y axis; the default value is “Frequency.
  • X-Axis (Horizontal Label): enter the label for the x axis; the default value is “Measurement.”
  • Dates of Data Collection: enter the dates of data collection; optional, if printed will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the chart.
  • Select OK to generate the results.
  • Select Cancel to end the program.

Side by Side Histogram Output

The program adds a new sheet with the side by side histogram as shown below.

Histogram Chart

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