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One Sample z and t Tests for a Mean Help

This test is performed on the mean of one sample. The test gives you a confidence interval for the mean and has the option to test the hypothesis that the mean is equal to, less than, or greater than a specified mean. You have the following two options:

You also have the option for a two-sided, lower one-sided or an upper one-sided test.

The data can be in a worksheet or the user can enter an average, standard deviation, and sample size for the test. The example below demonstrates how to do this test using data in a worksheet.

One Sample Test Output

The output from the example data (using the t test) is shown below.  The hypothesized mean is 5.3 in this example.   An explanation of terms is given below the output.  In addition to the output table, the program displays a chart showing the results.

The output tells you the conclusion from the test. The null hypothesis (H0) and the alternate hypothesis (H1) are printed below the title.


The chart below is also created.  This makes it easy to see if the hypothesized mean is within or how far away it is from the confidence interval.

There is also a chart of the data to look for possible outliers.  If the program detects possible outliers, they will be in red and a message will be printed on the worksheet.

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