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Two Proportion Test Help

This test is used to compare the proportions or rates of two populations with binary outcomes. For example, you could be testing two different drugs to determine if one is better than another at curing a certain illness. The Two Proportions Test can be used to determine this.

You have the option to pool the p estimate if the hypothesized proportion = 0. You also have the option for a two-sided, lower one-sided or an upper one-sided test. An example of using the Two Proportions Test is given below.

A test was performed to compare two drug therapies on leukemia. The results are shown below. We want to use these results to conduct a two proportion test.

Two Sample Proportions Output

The output for the example data for the Two Proportions Test is given below.   The terms are explained below the output.

The output tells you the conclusion from the test. The null hypothesis (H0) and the alternate hypothesis (H1) are printed below the title.

There is also a plot of the confidence interval provided:

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