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Revision History for SPC for Excel Version 4


Note: SPC for Excel version 6 is now available. There will be no more updates to Version 4.

The revision history for SPC for Excel, Version 4.0, is given in the table below starting with the most recent change.

To determine what build you have, click the program update icon from the SPC toolbar or menu. If you have version are later, the build will be listed in the form that appears. If it is not listed, you can find the build number by right-clicking on either installation program or the program file and select Properties. The build number will be listed under the Version tab.

Revision History

Date Build Revision
6/14/2013 Fixed issue with Excel 2013 – error generated with plots in regression and experimental design
4/11/2013 Fixed issue (created with build) with removed data point not be colored correctly when the X and R charts were on the same worksheet
3/30/2013 Revised installation files to handle Excel 2013 more effectively
2/27/2013 Revised Option 2 for the Pareto Diagram to handle formulas and empty columns. Wrong label put on R chart for Xbar-mR-R chart. Issue resolved with this build.
12/19/2012 Excel 2013 was not picking up the point selected on chart sheets when splitting limits. Issue resolved with this build.
10/31/2012 Revised process capability to handle merged cells in columns.
5/15/2012 Adjusted updating of variable control charts not to change anything on the chart except for the plotted lines; edited the waterfall routine to handle formulas in addition to values.
01/17/2012 Added min, max and range to the Cpk chart; also fixed an issue with the Plackett-Burman charts when there was one less factor than runs.
08/28/2011 When copying a chart from Excel 2010 to Word or PowerPoint, the control limit lines look thick and red. They are not sized correctly. This build fixes that problem with Excel 2010.
04/05/2011 Revised the descriptive stats to handle blank data cells; added printing of aliases in fractional factorial designs, fixed issue with deleting factors from experimental designs that had no sum of squares; put in check for chart names that are too long for Excel to handle; revised multiple Cpk charts so chart is skipped if no variation is present.
02/17/2011 Added item analysis; added g control chart; added BACI charts; revised scatter plot matrix to add the options of printing best fit line, equation, and/or R squared value; fix issue with non-English operating system on placing two charts on same page; changed subscripts on expected mean squares in ANOVA to letters from numbers; changed how F value is calculated from expected mean squares.
12/15/2010 Revised the program so it could run on the 64 bit version of Excel; changed how the waterfall chart was formatted
8/30/2010 Added Levey-Johnson chart to variable control charts; changed the automatic checking of trends to an option for each variable chart.
04/14/2010 Added the ability to show only the last “N” points on a variables control chart; added the ability to use dates for the X axis of a scatter diagram; added the ability to run one factor nested designs in ANOVA; fixed issue with reverse labels on variability chart in ANOVA; fixed Excel 2007 issue with labeling first point on scatter diagram.
02/04/2010 Added the ability for a user to call the updating chart routine using VBA code and bypassing the input box to select the chart to update (click here for details); fixed an international issue with scaling of charts; fixed an issue with the 12 run Plackett-Burman experimental designs.
11/02/2009 Three major additions/changes: 1) added waterfall chart (in Six Sigma Tools, Cause and Effect); 2) enhanced descriptive statistics to include analysis of multiple data sets with the addition of dot plot and multiple histograms; 3) removed the DPMO (defects per million opportunities) from the process capability statistics box – this value included the 1.5 sigma shift; have replaced DPMO with PPM (parts per million) above USL, PPM below LSL, and total PPM both for the within capabilities (based on the estimated standard deviation) and the overall capabilities (based on the calculated standard deviation); no longer is the 1.5 sigma shift included.
10/19/2009 In Excel 2007, it is possible for a chart to be truncated on the right-hand side when a person views a chart produced by another person in a different country. This build includes a method to fix truncated charts.
10/02/2009 Added option to include subgroup average line on the variability chart in ANOVA; enhanced the ability to make subgroups from one column of data by allowing the option to pull additional columns of information with the subgroups.
9/1/2009 Expanded ANOVA greatly; 1 to 5 factors, crossed, nested or mixed designs, random/fixed factors, variability chart (option to color code by factor level), components of variance, expected mean squares, F calculation information, control chart roll-up.
6/11/2009 Speeded up the ability of the program to check for out of control points if there are missing data points; also corrected an issue that would occur if the first chart made in a workbook was deleted; caused some ranges to be used incorrectly on charts.
5/28/2009 Added the ability to set the alpha value to remove the interaction term in ANOVA Gage R&R; the default value is 0.25. The build also addresses several issues with sizing the X-mR chart when specifications are added the chart.
5/15/2009 Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Office 2007. This release fixed a problem Excel 2007 had with auto-sizing text boxes. We had built a method to get around this; however, now this method generated a problem with building the stat boxes on the histogram and process capability charts. This service pack also affected the code to put values on the control limits. These issues have been fixed with this release.
4/9/2009 Fixed an error that was created in the last build that occurred when users tried to update a X-mR (individuals) chart with the option of placing the X and mR charts on the same worksheet.
4/1/2009 Added within/between control charts: Xbar-mR-R and Xbar-mR-s; this generates three charts: Xbar: the subgroup averages chart with the control limits based on the range between consecutive subgroup averages; mR – the moving range chart; R or s chart: the within subgroup variation chart (either based on the within subgroup range or within subgroup standard deviation).
3/4/2009 Added nested Gage R&R
3/4/2009 Added variance components charts to Gage R&R average method and ANOVA analysis including splitting out the operator*part interaction
3/3/2009 Added the option to shade the histogram and plot the average with the process capability chart
3/4/2009 Revised the Box and Whisker chart to plot the actual outliers and set the whiskers to be 1.5 times the inner quartiles
12/28/2008 Added the option to add USL and/or LSL to the individuals control chart (X-mR)
12/15/2008 Initial release of version 4.0
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