SPC for Excel is distributed in a zip file for both PC and Mac. The same file works on both the PC and the Mac, but the installation procedures are different for the two systems.

If you installed the demo, uninstall it first.  For a PC, you can do that through the control panel.  If you installed the software in the default folder, go to that folder and uninstall the applications.  For a Mac, just delete the file.

The zip file is downloaded when you select the link emailed to you after you purchased the software or requested the demo. For purchases, the link can only be used once. After that, sign into your account to download the purchased software. The name of the zip file is "SPC_for_Excel_V6.zip. (Note: the demo has the word Demo in the name.)  Instructions below include:

Files Included in the Download

The following are the folders/files contained in the zip file.

  • spcforexcelv6.xlam – this is the software program.
  • SPC for Excel Example Files – this folder contains the data files used in help; it also contains a folder called MSA Output Descriptions which contains detailed descriptions of the MSA reports that the software generates.
  • Getting Started with SPC for Excel_V6.pdf – this is the getting started guide to help you learn to use the program.
  • SPC-Example-Data-for-Getting-Started.xlsx – this the example data used in the getting started guide.
  • Installing SPC for Excel Version 6.pdf – part of this webpage
  • PC_Installation_SPC_for_Excel.xlsm – the workbook to install the program on a PC.

PC Installation

Watch the video below to see how to install SPC for Excel on a PC or else go to the written instructions below the videol

The software is often downloaded into the "Downloads" folder on your computer, but this is controlled by how you have your browser set to handle downloads. You will need to know where the file "SPC_for_Excel_V6.zip" was downloaded.

Unblock the Zip File (Windows Only)

In Windows, you need to unblock the downloaded zip file. A 2016 Windows update causes Excel to block files created on another computer. To unblock the SPC for Excel program, do the following:

  • Go to where you downloaded the zip file (e.g., Downloads folder).
  • Right-click on the file (SPC_for_Excel_V6.zip) and choose Properties. The properties box below is shown.
  • If the security warning "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer" is present, put a check in the Unblock checkbox as shown to the right. If the file is already unblocked, you will NOT see this security message. You must check the box to unblock the file.
  • Click Apply after you have checked the Unblock box.
    • The checkbox should go away meaning the software is unblocked.
  • Select OK.

unblock software

Install the Software

The zip file must be unblocked as shown above before  you can install the software.  

  • Go to where the zip file was downloaded (e.g., Downloads folder)
  • Double-click the zip file; this opens the folder to see the files that are zipped as shown below; the extensions may not show on your PC.

select installation file

  • Double-click the workbook "PC_Installation_SPC_for_Excel_Program.xlsm" to open it. (Note: the demo has Demo in place of Program in the title.)
  • If you see a message that "Macros have been disabled" select "Enable Content."
  • The SPC for Excel Installation screen will appear, select "Begin Installation."
  • The SPC for Excel Installation Options screen is shown. Select one of the three options shown below and then select OK.

installation options

    • First Time Installation or Complete Re-Installation: this option installs all the files in the zip folder (if you are re-installing and altered some of the example data files, they will be replaced with the original example data files; you will be asked if you want to copy over these).
    • New Build Installation: sometimes a new build for the current version comes out; these contain enhancements and usually are just the program file and any new data sets.
    • Reinstall Program File Only: this option re-installs the program file only.
  • The Select Where to Store the Software screen is shown. It provides a default installation path on the C drive or you may select the option to select an existing folder or create a new one. Select OK. The files in the zip file are copied to the selected folder.

where to install

  • The Install as Add-in or Shortcut? screen is shown. If you install the software as an add-in, SPC for Excel will always be available when Excel is opened. The SPC for Excel ribbon will be between the Home and Insert tabs on the Excel ribbon. You also have the option to install the software as a shortcut on the desktop; in this case, you select the shortcut whenever you want to use SPC for Excel and it opens. Select OK.

shortcut or addin

  • This completes the installation and the final SPC for Excel screen is shown; this tells you if it was installed as an add-in or shortcut and where the files are stored.

installation finished

Manual PC Installation

If for some reason, the installation above does not work, you can manually install the software following the steps below after you have unblocked the zip file.

  • Unzip the file called "SPC_for_Excel_V6.zip":
    • Create a new folder for the software on your computer, e.g., C:\Users\Username\Documents\SPC for Excel V6.
    • Unzip the files into the new folder.
    • Right-click on the zip file, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions to extract to files to the folder you created above, or double-click the zipped folder to open it and then drag or copy all the items from the zipped folder to a new folder.
    • Double check to ensure that the software is unblocked as shown above: go the spcforexcelV6 in the unzipped folder, right click, if there is checkbox labelled "Unblock," check it and hit Apply; it should go away; then click OK
  • Install the software as an add-in or as a shortcut
    • Add-in:
      • Open an Excel workbook.
      • Select File (Excel 2010 and later) or the Office button (Excel 2007) in the upper left-hand corner.
      • Select Options (Excel 2010 and later) or Excel Options (Excel 2007).
      • Select Add-Ins.
      • Select "Go" by Manage "Excel Add-ins" at the bottom of the form.
      • Select Browse.
      • Browse to the folder containing the software program file – where you unzipped it.
      • Select the software program file (spcforexcelv6.xlam).
      • Select OK (if you get a message asking you if you want to move the file to the add-ins folder, select No).
    • Shortcut:
      • Navigate to the folder containing the software program file - where you unzipped it.
      • Right-click on the program file (spcforexcelv5.xlam).
      • Select "Create a Shortcut".
      • Move shortcut to where you want it, e.g., the desktop.

SPC for Excel Ribbon Not There When Excel Opens

Sometimes, the SPC for Excel ribbon does not appear after you installed and re-opened Excel. Be sure the software is unblocked as shown above.  If this is the case, then please do the following:

  • Open Excel
  • Open an Excel workbook
  • Select File (Excel 2010 and later) or the Office button (Excel 2007) in the upper left-hand corner
  • Select Options (Excel 2010 and later) or Excel Options (Excel 2007)
  • Select Add-Ins
  • Select "Go" by Manage "Excel Add-ins" at the bottom of the form
  • Check "SPC for Excel (V6)" - Note: if SPC for Excel (V6) is already checked, uncheck it and select OK and then repeat this process and check it again.
  • Select OK - this will reestablish the link to the Excel ribbon

If this continues to be a problem, then the software location needs to be made a trusted location. Please do the following:

  • Open Excel
  • Select File
  • Select Options
  • Select Trust Center
  • Select Trust Center Settings
  • Select Trusted Locations
  • Add a New Location
  • Browse to the unzipped folder containing the file spcforexcelv6.xlam
  • Select Add as New Location
  • Select the option "Subfolders of this location are also trusted."
  • Select OK

Mac Installation

  • Unzip the downloaded folder.
    • Double-click the downloaded zip file.
    • The file will automatically be decompressed into a new folder.
    • Change the name of the folder if you wish.
  • Install the software in Excel on a Mac as an add-in
  • Open an Excel workbook.
  • Select Tools from the Excel toolbar.
  • Select Add-ins.
  • Select Browse.
  • Browse to the folder containing the software program file - where you unzipped it.
  • Open the folder.
  • Select the software program file (spcforexcelv6.xlam).
  • Select OK.

The SPC for Excel program will open when Excel is opened. The SPC for Excel tab is between the Home and Insert tabs on the Excel ribbon.

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