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SPC for Excel Mac Installation

Support for v5 – Follow the instructions below to install the software on the Mac. The file has been downloaded from the website. The downloaded file is named “SPC for Excel”. Topics on this page include:

Unzip The Files

Installing SPC For Excel as an Add-in

The next step is to make the software an Excel add-in so it will be present when you open Excel.

When the software opens for the first time, there are two forms that are shown:

Once the software is open, SPC for Excel will appear between Home and Insert on the Excel ribbon. The only exception is Mac Excel 2011, which does not have a ribbon. SPC for Excel will appear between the “Window” and “About” on the Excel menu.

SPC For Excel Tab Disappears

The SPC for Excel tab that is usually there when you open Excel is now gone. On rare occasions, the link between the software and the Excel ribbon is lost. If this occurs, please do the following:

If SPC for Excel (V5) is not listed, then something occurred to remove it as an add-in. You can reset the link manually by doing the following:

This will re-establish the link to the Excel ribbon.

Preventing SPC For Excel From Opening Each Time Excel Opens

Unchecking the software as an add-in will keep it from opening:

To open SPC for Excel, repeat the process but check the “SPC for Excel (V5)” option.

Uninstalling SPC For Excel

To uninstall SPC for Excel permanently from the Mac computer, follow these steps:

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-274-2874.

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