Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Our SPC software, SPC for Excel, performs ANOVA for one to five factors. ANOVA allows you to determine if there are significant differences between treatments.The software contains crossed, nested or mixed designs – as well as fixed or random factors.  The runs can be randomized.

The output includes the ANOVA table for the factor and for the model.  Also included is the variability chart – a chart that shows each run at each level of the factors.  This chart is easily revised to switch factor levels or can be colored-coded by factor.  A complete list of ANOVA features is given below.

ANOVA Var Chart
ANOVA table example

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ANOVA Features

One to five factors

Crossed, nested or mixed designs

Fixed and/or random factors

Multiple responses

Randomization of runs

Option to visualize design

1 to 25 Replications

ANOVA table for factors

ANOVA table for models



Standard deviation

Coefficient of variation

R square

Adjusted R square

95% confidence intervals for treatment means (fixed factors)

Comparison of treatment means and variances (fixed factors)

Treatment means

Tukey's method

Bonferroni's method

Fisher's LSD method

Option to plot pairwise comparisons

Treatment variances

Bartlett's Test

Levene's Method

Variability Plots

Plots each treatment versus factor levels

Option to plot treatment averages and overall averages

Option to re-order factors on plot

Option to color-code by a factor's levels

Components of Variance Plots

% of total by factor

Estimates of variance and standard deviation by factor

Xbar and R/s charts

Xbar: Plots treatment means

R: plots treatment ranges

s: plots treatment standard deviations

Expected Mean Squares

F Calculation Information

Source, error degrees of freedom, error mean square, error mean square calculation

Rollup Control Charts

Rollup control charts (primarily for nested designs)

Residuals analysis



Standardized residuals

Internally studentized residuals

Externally studentized residuals


Cook's distance

Potential outliers in red

Residuals charts (raw, standardized, internally or externally studentized residuals)

Normal plot

Versus predicted values

Versus actual run number

Other charts

Predicted vs actual

DFFITS, Cook's distance and leverage versus actual run number

p values < 0.05 in red