• cause and effect diagramWhat are the causes of customer complaints?
  • What causes equipment downtime?
  • What causes infections in our hospital?
  • Why does it take so long to close the books each month?
  • How do we achieve our goal of no lost-time-accidents?


The cause and effect (fishbone) diagram is a great tool for finding the causes of a problem or figuring out what you need to do to reach a goal.

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Cause and Effect Diagrams and SPC for Excel

Our software, SPC for Excel, makes it easy to construct a cause and effect diagram using Excel. A blank cause and effect diagram is inserted into your workbook when you select the fishbone icon from the SPC for Excel ribbon. The diagram has the major cause categories: machines, measurement, methods, materials, people and environment. These can be changed.  There is an "Add Item" button that allows you to add a new item to the diagram and then simply drag the item under the major cause where it belongs. There is also an "Add Sub-Item" button that allows you put causes at a diagonal under the items.

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