Comparing Multiple Processes

Need to find something out about multiple processes?

Do these machines operate at the same variation?

Is the variation in the results from these machines the same for all machines?

Do my four different shifts produce the same amount of material?

Does one shift have more variation than another shift?

Compare Multiple Processes - Fisher

Watch a Video Highlighting the Comparing Multiple Process Techniques in SPC for Excel

Comparing Multiple Processes and SPC for Excel

SPC for Excel contains five techniques for comparing means/averages between multiple processes:

Fisher’s LSD Method for Means

Tukey’s Method for Means

Bonferroni’s Method for Means

Analysis of Means

Box and Whisker Plots

In addition, there are two techniques for comparing the variation between multiple processes:

Bartlett’s Test for Equality of Variances

Modified Levene’s Test for Equality of Variances