distribution fittingWhat distribution models my data the best?

  • Gamma?
  • Normal?
  • Exponential?
  • Lognormal?
  • Something else?

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Distribution Fitting and SPC for Excel

Sometimes you are not sure what type of distribution your data follows.  Our SPC for Excel software makes it easy to fit distributions.  The software includes 14 distributions that can be fitted to your data:

  • Exponential
  • Exponential - Two Parameter
  • Gamma
  • Gamma - Three Parameter
  • Largest Extreme Value
  • Logistic
  • LogLogistic
  • LogLogistic - Three Parameter
  • LogNormal
  • LogNormal - Three Parameter
  • Normal
  • Smallest Extreme Value
  • Weibull
  • Weibull - Three Parameter

Distribution Fitting Features

  • Individual Distribution Pages
    • Best-fit parameter estimations
    • Empirical (data) histogram plotted versus model probability density function
    • P-P plot (empirical continuous distribution function vs theoretical continuous distribution function)
  • Summary Page
    • Models rated by AIC (Akaike information criterion)
    • Anderson-Darling statistics (with p value) and LRT (likelihood ratio test) for goodness of fit
    • Shape, location, scale and threshold
    • Easy to navigate from summary page to individual distribution

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