DOE factor spaceExperimental design techniques are designed to discover what factors or interactions have a significant impact on a response variable.  Our SPC for Excel provides an easy-to-use design of experiments (DOE) methodology in the Excel environment you know. 

The software contains two-level full factorial designs (up to 7 factors), fractional factorial designs (29 different designs, up to 15 factors), and Plackett-Burman designs (up to 27 factors). 

The output includes the ANOVA table for the factors and interactions, the model in both coded and uncoded format, normal and half-normal plot of effects and much more.  A complete list of features is given below.


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Experimental Design Features

  • Full factorials
  • Fractional factorials
  • Plackett- Burman
  • Design table analysis
  • ANOVA Table for factors and interactions
  • ANOVA for model
  • Model for coded and actual factors
  • Design statistics
    • Average
    • Standard deviation
    • Coefficient of variation
    • R square
    • Adjusted R square
    • PRESS
    • R square prediction
  • Normal plot of effects
  • Half-normal plot of effects
  • Effects charts
  • Two factor charts
  • Residuals analysis
    • Residuals
    • Leverage
    • Standardized residuals
    • Internally studentized residuals
    • Externally studentized residuals
    • DFFITS
    • Cook's distance
    • Potential outliers in red
  • Residuals charts (raw, standardized, internally or externally studentized residuals)
    • Normal plot
    • Versus predicted values
    • Versus actual run number
  • Other charts
    • Predicted vs actual
    • DFFITS, Cook's distance and leverage versus actual run number
  • DOE optimization chart
  • Easily select effects to include/exclude in the analysis
  • p values < 0.05 in red


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