• caliperDo you need to perform a Gage R&R to find out how much of your process variation is due to the gage or measurement system?

  • Do any operators get a significantly different average?

  • Do any operators have more variation in their results than the others?

  • What do I do about a Gage R&R if my test is a destructive test?

  • How do the operators compare with pass/fail measurements

  • Want to analyze the Gage R&R results using Dr. Wheeler's "EMP" method?

The Gage R&R analysis in the SPC for Excel software answers these questions and much more!


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Click here for a video showing how SPC for Excel uses the Evaluating the Measurement Process methodology to analyze a Gage R&R study.


From Our Satisfied Customers

"I recently purchased Gage R&R and am extraordinarily pleased with it. I have been tasked with resuscitating our MSA program here and had thought that our gage management software's GR&R feature would do the trick. I was concerned when an auditor pointed out some questionable math in software.  Re-running past studies through your Excel add-in software gave me the results based on math from Measurement Systems Analysis from AIAG... results that differed from the other software. These results are the true reflection of our systems and I am pleased with the ease-of-use your software provides. Thank you again for a great product."

-Kevin Woolsey, Quality Supervisor

Join the thousands getting insights to their measurement system performance by using SPC for Excel!


Gage R&R Analysis and SPC for Excel

We understand how important it is to have measurement systems that are accurate and precise – measurement systems you can trust.  SPC for Excel’s Gage R&R analysis helps you know exactly what your measurement system is capable of – and what it is not capable of. You can run a crossed Gage R&R using either the ANOVA Gage R&R method, Dr. Wheeler's EMP method,  or AIAG’s Average and Range method to perform the analysis.  SPC for Excel also features the nested (destructive) Gage R&R analysis.   Just have yes/no measurement data?  Our attribute Gage R&R will meet your needs. 

Worried about stability, bias or linearity in your measurement system?  Our SPC for Excel software handles these features. Plus our Gage R&R analysis includes many of the charts you need to “troubleshoot” your measurement systems if there is a problem including stacked/unstacked control charts, run chart by parts, operator bias, operator consistency, error charts.


Gage R&R Analysis Features

  • ANOVA Method for Crossed and Nested Designs
    • ANOVA table with interaction
    • ANOVA table without interaction
    • % contribution based on variance, standard deviation, tolerance or process standard deviation
    • Number of distinct categories
    • Option to change sigma multiplier
    • Option to change p value to remove interaction
    • Variance components chart
  • Dr. Wheeler's EMP (Evaluating the Measurement Process) for Crossed Designs
    • Rates a measurement system as a first, second, third or fourth class monitor based on the intraclass coefficient
    • Components of variance including % Gage R&R
    • Interprets the measurement process in terms of reduction of process signals, its ability to detect large shifts, and its ability to track process improvements
    • X-R charts based on operator-part subgroups
    • Main effect charts to test for difference in operator averages
    • Mean range charts to test for differences in test-retest error for operators.
  • Average and Range Method for Crossed Designs
    • AIAG Gage R&R report: % GRR, % reproducibility, % repeatability, % part
  • Charts
    • Xbar-R charts - stacked/unstacked
    • Run chart by part
    • Run hart by operator
    • Scatter plots
    • Error charts
    • Whiskers charts
    • X-Y plots
    • Normalized histograms
    • Operator range charts
    • Operator bias and consistency charts
    • Operator consistency chart
  • Bias Method
    • Independent Sample Method
    • Control Chart Method
  • Linearity Method
  • Attribute Gage R&R
    • Effectiveness table (attribute Gage R&R report)
    • Cross-tabulations Kappa values

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