Histograms in SPC for Excel show:

Most frequently occurring value

Amount of variation in the process

Shape of the distribution (normal or non-normal)

Relationship to specifications

Descriptive statistics


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Histograms and SPC for Excel

Our SPC software, SPC for Excel, easily constructs and updates histograms. A histogram is a bar chart that provides a snapshot in time of the variation in a process. It tells us how often a value or range of values occurred in a given time frame. A histogram will tell us the most frequently occurring value (the mode), the overall range, and the shape of the distribution (e.g., bell-shaped, skewed, bimodal, etc.).

Histogram Key Features

Three histogram options

Basic histogram

Create multiple histograms at once

Group histogram to compare more than one process on same histogram

Easily update with new data

Add specifications and nominal

Add normal distribution or 1 of 13 non-normal distributions

Add descriptive statistics

Select which descriptive statistics to include

Change number of classes/class width on existing histogram