SPC for Excel is simple, yet powerful.  With something new, it is always helpful to see how to get started.  Four options for learning how to use the SPC for Excel include:

  • Use the Getting Started with SPC for Excel V6 guide and the accompanying data in the workbook SPC-Example-Data-for-Getting-Started.xlsx.  The guide and data workbook are in the folder where the downloaded program was unzipped.  You can also download the guide at this link and the workbook at this link.
  • Watch videos for various techniques here. These videos will give you an overview of how each set of techniques is used.  Some of the videos may be for Version 5 but the procedure is still the same.
  • Use example data files and help files.  This provides the details of how to use the SPC for Excel software.  The  example data files are stored in the folder called "SPC for Excel Sample Files, which are in the folder where the downloaded program was unzipped. There are multiple workbooks that follow the SPC for Ribbon.  The on-line help files give you step-by-step instructions on using the software that follow the example data.  You access the on-line help files at this link.  

We will be happy to help you become a successful user of SPC for Excel!