Pareto Diagrams

Need a Pareto diagram to separate the vital few from the trivial many?

Types of defects

Customer complaints types

Kinds of injuries in a plant

Reasons for returned goods

Downtime reasons

Types of infections in a hospital

Reasons for late deliveries

Pareto Diagrams

Watch a Video Highlighting How to Make a Frequency Pareto Diagram

Join the thousands separating the "vital few" from the "trivial many" using SPC for Excel

Pareto Diagrams and SPC for Excel

Our SPC software, SPC for Excel,  easily creates Pareto diagrams – a great visual way to separate the vital few from the trivial many.  There are three Pareto options:

Frequency - totals the frequency of occurrence by category (e.g., number of returns by product)

Defect - totals reasons for defects (e.g., reasons for customer returns)

Variables - totals frequency for categories for different levels of a variable (e.g, defects by shift)

Two-Level - creates a two-level Pareto diagram (variable -defect)

Pareto Diagram Features

New data easily added

Data can be in rows or columns

Turn cumulative line on or off

Add dates of data collection

Option to create other category for frequencies below a certain value

Format changes maintained when Pareto diagram is updated

Option to color the vital few

Option to set the gap between the bars