Process Capability Analysis – Cpk and Ppk

Process Capability

My customer wants to know if my process is capable of meeting their specifications and is in statistical control.

My boss needs the process capability for the monthly report.

I would like to track all the Cpk and Ppk values of my processes?

My data are not normally distributed; I need a non-normal process capability analysis.

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Define How Well You Meet Customer Specifications with SPC for Excel!

We know how important it is to meet customer specifications. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into developing the Process Capability features of our SPC for Excel software. We’ve included process capability features that any quality professional in today’s market will need in a software package that won’t break the bank. Our process capability techniques include:

Process Capability

Non-Normal Process Capability

Multiple Process Capability Analysis

Normal Process Capability SnapShot

Non-Normal Process Capability SnapShot

SnapShot of What Your Process is Capable Of!

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