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We offer on-site SPC training as well as complete SPC training guides if you want to teach the material yourself.  All our seminars include a copy of the SPC for Excel software for each attendee.

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SPC Teaching Guides

  • For teaching SPC topics to a group of employees
  • Saves you hours and hours of time in developing the material - which you can customize all the material to include company specific information and examples
  • Includes a manual, teaching guide and solutions to problems (all in Word), example data (in Excel), and a PowerPoint presentation


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SPC Seminar

  • Basic introduction to the SPC tools and techniques
  • Includes control charts, Pareto diagrams, histograms, process flow diagrams, cause and effect diagrams, scatter diagrams, process capability and measurement systems analysis


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SPC Facilitator Seminar

  • Designed for those employees who are responsible for process improvement in their works areas
  • Covers the people skills and statistical tools that are needed to make process improvement a reality
  • People skills include motivation, teamwork, consensus decision-making and social styles
  • Statistical tools include those in the SPC seminar plus additional techniques such as failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)


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Process Capability (Cpk) Improvement Seminar

  • Focuses on improving the process capability (Cpk) for key product variables in a manufacturing plant environment
  • Teaches a multi-step process for process capability improvement that starts with the supplier and ends with the final product
  • Includes the basic SPC tools plus measurement systems analysis, regression and experimental design
  • Attendees use their actual data during the seminar and develop an action plan to implement back on the job

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