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SPC for Excel PC Installation

Support for v5 – The steps on installing SPC for Excel from the executable file on a PC are given below.

If you can install software on your computer, the process is straightforward. If an administrator is required to do the installation, he/she must take some precautions to install the software correctly. The name of the installation file is: spc_for_ms_excel_setupV5.exe.

Topics on this page include:

Installing SPC For Excel Without an Administrator

When you download the installation file, you will probably have the option to “Save” or “Run”. You can select either one, but it is recommend you select “Save” in case there are any problems during installation. Save the installation file to your desktop. If you can install software on your own computer, double-click the installation file and follow the instructions.

Installing SPC For Excel as an Administrator

The steps for running as administrator or installing when the administrator is logged in are given below

Run As Administrator Installation

If you are an administrator, do not sign in as yourself. Keep the user signed in and right-click on the installation file and select “Run as administrator.” Then follow the instructions above.

Installation with Administrator Signed In

Follow the steps above until when you get to the “Select Destination Location.” That location is under the username of whoever is signed in.

This will establish the link from the program to the end user.

SPC For Excel Tab Not Showing in Excel Ribbon After Installation

First, check to ensure that the software was installed. Please do the following:

If the folder or app is present, then the software was installed. If you still are not sure, you can search your computer for the software program file (spcforexcelv5.xlam). If you find the file, the software was installed. If you did not find the software program file, please see the two possible reasons below.

SPC for Excel Tab Disappears

The SPC for Excel tab that is usually there when you open Excel is now gone. On rare occasions, the link between the software and the Excel ribbon is lost. If this occurs, please do the following:

If “SPC for Excel (V5)” is not listed, then something occurred to remove it as an add-in. You can reset the link manually by doing the following:

This will re-establish the link to the Excel ribbon.

Finding/Displaying the Folder Containing the Software Program Files

You may have to access the folder containing the software program files. The default path is:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SPC for MS Excel.

AppData is a hidden folder. To see this folder you may have to change the folder options. Do the following to display hidden folders.


Preventing SPC for Excel from Opening Each Time Excel Opens

Unchecking the software as an add-in will keep it from opening:

Unchecking the software as an add-in will keep it from opening:

Uninstalling SPC for Excel

Excel must be closed to uninstall the SPC for Excel software. You can also uninstall by going to the Control Panel and selecting “uninstall a program”.

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