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Company Overview

BPI Consulting is a software, training, and consulting organization that helps companies improve key business processes.

When the founders of BPI Consulting LLC, developed the SPC for Excel software, the goal was to produce a powerful, yet affordable, software package with easy-to-use statistical tools to help organizations continually improve their processes and sustain competitiveness. The SPC for Excel software was originally developed in the 1990s and has been continually improved as the emphasis in the marketplace moved from Dr. Deming, Juran, Crosby and TQM to ISO 9000 and Baldrige to Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma.  As a leading provider, we have consistently ensured that the SPC for Excel software contains the most effective and commonly used tools for process improvement and Lean Six Sigma.

Our associates are an experienced, well-rounded group with decades of experience in the statistical and the process improvement field. Our senior associates hold PhDs and master’s degrees. We have authors and professional speakers as well as a patent holder. Click here for more information on our associates.

We work with customers of all sizes (from small start-up to Fortune 500 companies) and in many industries. We work in all parts of organizations including human resources, legal, sales, customer service, accounting, finance, manufacturing, etc. Our processes touch the organization from the front line associate to the CEO. 

Our Mission

BPI Consulting's mission is to provide organizations with the statistical tools and the people skills needed to continuously improve processes and secure competitiveness.

Our Training and Consulting Philosophy

Our approach to process improvement represents a blend of the people and process sides of quality. This synergistic approach to process improvement produces bottom-line results that greatly exceed those of other approaches. The works of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, and Eli Goldratt provided the foundation for the development of our process. 

Process Side

In today's rapidly changing world, ongoing process improvement is critical. Problems seem to be everywhere: 

  • On-time delivery is poor
  • Customer service is lacking
  • Customer satisfaction is declining
  • Technology keeps on changing and you can't keep up
  • Company growth has overwhelmed your ability to be consistent from one area to the next
  • Profitability is down
  • Sales are down
  • Days sales outstanding are too high
  • New product development takes too long 

The list goes on and on. Our process improvement structure and methodology is designed to solve these process issues. Our structure includes the use of teams throughout the organization. Our methodology centers around a five-step process management model.

The process management model incorporates many of the time-proven process improvement tools including Pareto diagrams, control charts, failure mode and effect analysis, lean thinking, process mapping, six sigma, and process capability. 

People Side

Process problems can't be solved without people. And people must feel that they are valuable and that their contribution is appreciated. You can't effectively improve processes without the buy-in, input, and involvement of those closest to the process. The process management model and our training includes a focus on people. The people skills include teams and teamwork, motivation, social styles, feedback, change, creativity and reinforcement. 


We have software clients in more than 70 countries and more than 25,000 satisfied users of SPC for Excel software.  We invite you to be the next.

A partial list of our training and consulting clients include:

  • Affiliated Distributors
  • ANH Refractories
  • Baker Oil Tools
  • Bank of Ghana
  • CLASS Limousine Service
  • Georgia Gulf Corporation
  • Gerdau MacSteel Heat Treating Division
  • Industrial Distribution Group
  • IT Department, County of Riverside, California
  • Kirby Corporation
  • Lyondell Petrochemical Company
  • Mayer Electric Company
  • Phu My Plastics and Chemicals Company
  • SMI Steel
  • Stanley Tools
  • Trees, Inc.
  • Vista Chemical Company
  • Westlake Styrene
  • Wyandot Foods 

If you would like to know more about BPI Consulting, please contact us.

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