p and np control charts complete teaching guide

The purpose of this module is to introduce p and np control charts - what they are, when they can be used, how to construct them and how to interpret them. The p and np control charts tell you if the process is in statistical control or if there are special causes present.  These charts are used with yes/no type counting data - either an item meets a preset specification or it does not.

Exercises and examples include correct invoices, lines shipped complete from a supplier, orders expedited, and emergency work orders.   The control limit equations commonly used for the p and np control chart are only valid under certain conditions.  This module covers the "small sample case" and shows what to do when the control limit equations are not valid.  Exercises include questions about what the charts are telling you about the process.

The module includes the following:

  • Handout (35 pages)
  • Teaching Guide (3 pages)
  • Solutions to Exercises (9 pages)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (42 slides)
  • Excel Workbook Containing the Data
  • Excel Workbook Containing the Solutions


Price: $79.00

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