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T2 Chart Help

The T2 chart provides a method of monitoring more than one variable on a control chart. This technique can be used with either individuals value or subgroup values. How to make an T2 control chart is shown on this page. The data can be downloaded at this link. This page contains the following:

Data Entry

An adhesive is characterized by pH and viscosity. Data for 20 batches are shown below. You enter the data are entered into a worksheet as shown below The data does not have to start in A1. It can be anywhere on the spreadsheet. The data can be in rows or in columns. Note: this example uses individual values, but you may use subgroups as well.

If you are using subgroups, list the subgroups as follows:

Creating a New T2 Chart

This is all that is needed to make the chart. If you select OK at this point, the software will generate the control chart using the default options.

The options on the input screen are:

Options for the T2 chart

On the input screen for the chart, there is a button labeled “Show Options”. If you select that button, the input screen will show the options available for the chart. It is not required to select any of these options.

Each option is described below.

Control Limit Options

f you select the “Control Limit Options” button, the following is displayed.

The options include:

Titles and Formats

If you select the “Title and Formats” button, the following screen is displayed:

The options include:

Manual Control Limits

If you select the “Manual Control Limits” button, the following screen is displayed:

The options include:

Chart Location

If you select the “Chart Location” button, the following screen is displayed.

The options are:


Box-Cox Transformation

Selecting the “Box-Cox Transformation” button displays the following screen:

The options are:


Updating Chart/Changing Options/Chart Actions

You can easily update the T2 chart with new data. You can also change the existing options used to make the chart. You can also take numerous actions on the existing chart such as deleting points from the calculations, splitting control limits, etc. Please see the links below for more information.

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