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Revision History for SPC for Excel Version 5


Note: SPC for Excel version 6 is now available. There will be no more updates to Version 5.

The revision history for SPC for Excel, Version 5 is given in the table below starting with the most recent change. You may download the most recent build below. The most recent build is published 4/17/19.

To determine what build you have, click the program update icon on the Help panel in the SPC for Excel ribbon. You will see the build number at the bottom of the form. Select “Check Now” to see if there is a new build available. If there is, you will have the option to download it and install it. You can also change your option for how often the program checks for updates – weekly, monthly or never.

You may download the latest build below. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS BUILD WILL NOT RUN UNLESS YOU HAVE A FULL VERSION OF SPC FOR EXCEL ALREADY INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER. This is not the entire program, just the updates. Do not uninstall SPC for Excel before installing this build.

Revision History

Date Build Revision
4/17/2019 Fixed issue with process sigma not being used in Average and Range Gage R&R method and ANOVA Gage R&R method
11/2/2018 Add min and max to Cpk statistics, fixed issue with z chart not checking for trends
2/27/18 Fixed an issue with European regional settings for the power calculations.
9/20/17 Added the ability of the Defect Pareto chart to work with numbers and not just text values.
9/10/2016 Added the “Getting Started with SPC for Excel” guide and accompanying workbook with examples to help people learn to use the program. These are installed under the SPC for Excel MS Examples folder under Documents for PC users or the program folder for Mac users. The guide can also be downloaded at this link. The accompanying data workbook at the link.
7/22/2016 Revised how information is entered into DOE; fixed issue with Excel 2007 on putting labels in right margin of chart; fixed several issues with Mac version
5/14/2016 Release of version that is compatible with both the Mac and Windows PC
3/5/2016 Cpk analysis: added ability to generate two normal curves (one based on the within sigma estimated from the range chart and one based on the calculated standard deviation, added confidence limits for Cp, Cpk, Pp, and Ppk, added ability to use historical average and standard deviation, added ability to select which Cpk statistics to print out on the chart (and the option to save the selection as default for future Cpk charts), if linked to a control chart, points removed from the calculations on the control chart are automatically removed from the Cpk analysis. ANOVA: if nested design is selected, the factors are automatically set to random
11/18/2015 Added the ability to add a warning limit on the R or s control charts (when done alone) for duplicate testing in labs to monitor test method variation; fixed issue with dates being used on the x axis and improper formatting created from an earlier build; replace icons on SPC for Excel ribbon with custom icons and not built-in icons; corrected issue when control limits are printed in title for Xbar-mR-R chart
9/27/2015 Updated installation files to handle Excel 16 for PCs; fixed an issue with stepwise regression where, under situations, the final model would be found, but the stepwise regression would continue to loop through the final model.
6/13/2015 Digitally-signed certificate was updated in the last build, but did not show properly in the VBA project pane; added the ability to handle highly correlated predictor variables with stepwise regression
6/7/2015 Added the option to run a full regression with the best model from the stepwise regression; added the coefficient of variation and quartiles to the descriptive statistics as well as enhanced the data dot plots and histograms; simplified the input forms for hypothesis testing and added a plot of the statistic, confidence interval and hypothesized statistic for easier interpretation of results as well as a data plot with a check for potential outliers in the data set.
5/20/2015 Added stepwise regression to the program; this automatically selects variables to include in the regression based on their t statistic; also updated the basic regression portion to keep all results in one workbook; added a predictor calculator that includes 95% confidence interval for the mean and predicted result; revised to place all regression charts on one worksheet.
3/28/2015 Added the ability to make a control chart from a pivot table; fixed issue to allow a histogram with no variation to be made; solved issues with Solver used in Distribution Fitting for some formats other than U.S.: solver description different in some formats, constraints interpret incorrectly in some format; Distribution Fitting failing when one more than distribution was checked; addressed issue with Excel 2007 where GammaInv produces an error for some values of alpha and beta; this is a built-in bug in Excel 2007; it is fixed in Excel 2010 and on.
2/17/2015 Added the ability to put a target and specifications limits on the Levey-Jennings chart and put specification limits on the run chart; added the ability of a variable Pareto chart to handle numbers, not just text data; fixed on issue with operator range charts and the bias and consistency charts in Gage R&R chart options that generated an error (this issue was created in build
1/25/2015 Added Dr. Donald Wheeler’s EMP (Evaluating the Measurement Process) method to Gage R&R; this method rates a measurement system as a first, second, third or fourth class monitor based on the intraclass coefficient; determines the components of variance including % Gage R&R, interprets the measurement process in terms of reduction of process signals, its ability to detect large shifts, and its ability to track process improvements; includes Xbar-R charts based on operator-part subgroups; and main effect charts to test for difference in operator averages and mean range charts to test for differences in test-retest error for operators.
1/16/2015 Fixed issue with conflict between a workbook containing control charts and then running an ANOVA analysis in the same workbook; also an issue with the rounding in the descriptive statistics on histograms when small values (between 0 and 1 for example) were used.
12/18/2014 Enhancements were made to the way distribution fitting converges for Log-Logistic, smallest extreme value and largest extreme value distributions; fixed issue in exporting a chart of PowerPoint with Excel 2010 and issue with adding additional worksheet when a defect Pareto was created/updated.
11/18/2014 Enhancements added to histogram technique: added option to label each class (bar) with the number in the class, the % in the class or both the number and %; made adding descriptive statistics as the default option; when name of chart is entered, this name becomes the default chart title (which can be changed on the chart)
11/14/2014 Fixed several issues: an issue with regional settings that caused excessive rounding, an issue about the out of control test for 14 points in a row alternating up and down, and the chart titles not printing properly on stacked and unstacked charts in Gage R&R analysis
10/15/2014 Initial release of SPC for Excel Version
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