control chart exampleControl charts in SPC for Excel give you the ability to:

  • Show that your process is in statistical control
  • Easily add new data to update the control chart
  • Split the control limits to show process improvements
  • Lock the control limits in place for future data
  • and much more!



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Control Charts and SPC for Excel

Control charts are at the basic tool in Statistical Process Control (SPC). 

Our goal has been to create a control chart software package that gives you all the options you need to determine if your process is in statistical control.  The SPC for Excel software has over 25 different charts with a large number of options to meet each of your process improvement needs.  Our  control charts are easy to create and update in Excel.

Control Charts in SPC for Excel

Subgroup Averages

  • X-R
  • X-s
  • X
  • R
  • s
  • Median-R
  • Median


  • X-mR
  • Table X-mR
  • X
  • mR
  • z-mR
  • Levey-Jennings
  • Run
  • Non-Normal X-mR
  • Non-Normal X


  • X-mR-R
  • X-mR-s

Time Weighted

  • Moving Average/Moving Range
  • EWMA


  • T2


  • p
  • np
  • c
  • u
  • g

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SPC for Excel is more than just control charts.  Over the years, we have added many additional tools making our software a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their data analysis.

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