The revision history for SPC for Excel Version 6 is given in the table below starting with the most recent change. You may download the most recent build below. The most recent build is  published 7/6/19. 

To determine what build you have, click the program update icon on the Help panel in the SPC for Excel ribbon. You will see the build number at the bottom of the form. Select "Check Now" to see if there is a new build available (PC only).   If there is, the link to this page is given so you can download and install the new build.  The instructions for installing the new build is included in the zip file you download.   You can also change your option for how often the program checks for updates - weekly, monthly or never.

You may download the latest build below. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS BUILD WILL NOT RUN UNLESS YOU HAVE A FULL VERSION OF SPC FOR EXCEL ALREADY INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER. This is not the entire program, just the updates. 

Download Build

Revision History

Date Build Revision
7/28/2019 Updated Equivalency of Instruments to include summary table for consistency charts, showing results for measurement error, SD(E), and other calculations, added recentering of average and use of known standard for bias charts.

Added Equivalency of Instruments to the software (based on Dr. Donald Wheeler's work) to determine if there is a difference in bias or measurement error between instruments; also updated ANOM to handle numbers, not just text, as headings; option to use % on Laney p' chart was updated.

5/27/19 Initial release of Version in 6.

Version 5's revision history is here.

Version 4's revision history is here.

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