One/Two Sample Hypothesis Testing

power vs sample size curveNeed to find out something about one or two samples hypothesis testing?

  • What interval contains the true mean of my process?
  • Are the averages of these two processes the same?
  • Do these two test methods give the same result?
  • What sample size do I need to detect a shift of one standard deviation?
  • Do these two groups have different opinions about this candidate?



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One/Two Sample Hypothesis Testing and SPC for Excel

Our SPC software, SPC for Excel, contains the following tests for one and two samples:

  • One sample z and t tests for a mean
  • One sample variance test
  • z and t tests for the difference in two means
  • t test for paired sample comparison
  • One proportion test
  • Two proportion test

The software also contains power and sample curves to help determine the sample size needed for a certain power. The output contains the major calculations and gives the conclusion, either the null hypothesis is rejected or not rejected based on the value of alpha.

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