Stepwise Regression

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Comments (2)

  • Chris LynnDecember 17, 2015 Reply

    It would be fun to see this technique used to analyze the best value when buying a used car. You could create a regression model based on variables like condition, mileage, year etc using the listings on or whatever for a particular make & model, and use it to look for bargains based on actual v predicted price. On reflection, I guess professionals already use this…(Presumably the last column in the 'Step n' tables should be headed 'p values' not 't-stat'?)

    • billDecember 18, 2015 Reply

      Hi Chris,
      Yes, you could use stepwise regression for selling those use cars.  Getting the data might be tough.  Yes, you are right on the column headings.  Can't believe that was missed!  Corrected now.

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